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Helga is from Sweden and working as full time courtesan. She is pure blonde with pretty face and lovely bosom.
She is a quite person by nature and very good in listening. She is best suited to date in case you want some lovely girl to share your feelings. We bet you would feel lighten after spending time with her.
She prefers entertaining you in her apartment rather than hanging outside. chicas escort Madrid She is not much into party circle and doesn’t enjoy it too.
She likes to flaunt her sexy curves once apartment door is shut. Her love activity includes whole body kissing, sensual massage, playing erotic games with you in bed and finally giving you climax through KS positions.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with her. We bet once you spend time with her; you won’t like going to any other escort.

My sex story

Romantic Walk with a Marketing Guy
One of the most memorable moment in my life as an escort was with a salesman guy. His name was Alex and he worked in retail shop. Alex wanted a break from his daily routine and booked a date with me to release his stress.
Alex was cute guy to look at; he was tall, had curly hair, well built and had cute dimples when he smiled.  Overall, he was a decent guy to look at. Yet, he was very sad.
Moving to our first date; he picked me up from my apartment and went to a long drive moving to outskirts of Moscow. He was looking very tired, distress as well as sad. It seems he wanted to cry, but was controlling himself. For one hour, he just kept on driving not uttering a single word at all.
He stopped his car in forest area outside city and requested me to accompany him. It was quite obvious that he needed someone as a friend. I took the first initiative; I put my hand gently on his shoulder and asked, “What happened?”
Alex just broke down and poured out his story. He told me he worked like a dog in retail office over a nominal salary and his manager always treated him harshly. He never acknowledged his hard work, his dedication and scolded him often in front of whole office. He wanted to quit job, but can’t due to his family pressure.
I told him not to worry, everything would be all right. To calm him down, I wiped his tears and kissed him gently on his lips. The guy reciprocated with a kiss. Without realizing, our lips moved into each other mouth touching each other tongue. We were lost in kissing for some time; then both of us took a break for breathing.
With kiss, his passion was ignited.  He looked straight into my eyes and start fondling my tits inside my skirt. Then, he laid me down gently on soft grass fondling my tits. My body too shivered with his sexual moves and in excitement, I removed his shirt, unhook his pants along with underwear to see his cock. His cock was quite a beauty to look at. His pelvis area was clean shaven which was seldom a case with men.
He started kissing on my neck and removed my long skirt. He smiled as I was not wearing any bra and continued kissing me passionately on my lips while his hands move down to place between my legs.  Within a moment, he removed my panty. Both of us were naked just like Adam and eve. From neck, he moved down to my breast and stomach. He bit me on my navel and I uttered a soft moan.
Now, he was really excited and started sucking my tits, moving from one to another ferociously. He kept on doing this till my tits became really hard. Then, he lifted my legs, put it on his shoulder and inserted his cock gently inside my body.  I sweat with excitement and closed my eyes to be in moment.  Within 10 minutes, both of us reached our orgasm.  I scratched his back with my nails.
Both of us lay together with each other and slept for whole night. When we woke up it was morning. It was nice to see him smiling. He gave me thanks for such a lovely night, kissed me gently on lips and went back to his work. 
That night, he didn’t met a call girl, but a close pal with whom he shared all his feelings with ease. We are still in regular touch with each other and share a close bond with each other.

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